Magnesium Oxide Environmental Applications

Baymag magnesium oxide has various applications in waste and wastewater treatment. It is an effective base, offering a safe method of pH modification in comparison to other neutralizing agents such as lime or caustic soda. It can be utilized as a magnesium oxide powder or granule, or converted to a magnesium hydroxide slurry for additional uses in waste water treatment.

Magnesium Oxide:

Water Treatment Adsorption and precipitation of silica and heavy metals as an integral part of industrial water treatment systems. Helps prevent scale formation in boilers, heat exchangers, and piping.
Soil Remediation An excellent pH modifier and heavy metal scavenger in contaminated soils. Effectively precipitates heavy metals, thus preventing subsequent leaching from treated soils.

Magnesium Hydroxide:

Waste Water Neutralization Offers a safe and effective replacement to caustic soda and lime for the neutralization of acidic waste streams. Offers excellent buffering capacity to a maximum pH of 9 and prevents high pH spikes, which can adversely affect biological treatment systems.
Solids Settling Offers an added benefit of increased solids settling and reduction of sludge volumes due to coagulation effect.
Heavy Metals Removal Effective removal of heavy metals from industrial waste streams through precipitation as metal hydroxides. Results in reduced sludge volumes and buffered pH values.
Flue Gas Desulphurization Wet flue gas scrubbing for sulfur dioxide removal.