Magnesium Oxide Industrial Applications

Baymag offers magnesium oxide products for a wide range of industrial applications. These products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the intended processes or end use. Consistent high-purity, controlled reactivity, and product uniformity are an integral part of product design and production.

Common uses of Baymag magnesium oxide products in industrial applications include the following:

Pulp and Paper Production of magnesium bisulphite pulping liquors.
Magnesium Compounds A source of magnesium for the production of magnesium salts such as sulfates (Epsom salts), nitrates, acetates, chlorides, etc. Also used in the production of magnesium metal and alloys.
Building Compounds & Specialty Cements Magnesium oxide is a component in magnesia-based cements, including oxychloride, oxysulfate and phosphate based cements. These cements are typically used in the production of fireproof materials and coatings, wallboards, flooring and grinding wheels.
Steel and Nickel Refining Slag conditioner for protection of Mag-Carbon refractories.
Fiberglass A source of magnesium in the feedstock for the production of fiberglass.
Miscellaneous Industrial Processes Magnesium oxide is used in various industrial processes as a pH modifier and precipitant. It also has a myriad of applications as a filler, desiccant, absorbent and flocculent.