Baymag has a leased fleet of over 100 railcars. Baymag MgO can be shipped in pressure differential, gravity pneumatic or bulk hopper railcars. Baymag’s Exshaw plant is equipped with a fully enclosed, all weather bulk loadout system. The plant is located on the Canadian Pacific Rail main line.

Exshaw is adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway for easy truck access. Bulk trucks, either pneumatic or hopper, are used extensively to get MgO to our customers.

Baymag’s logistics team specializes in getting product to our customers when they want it and by the most efficient means possible. Baymag arranges delivery to your plant door.


In addition to bulk shipment, Baymag MgO is available in either super sacks or small bags. Both Imperial and metric weights are available. Baymag will also fill bags supplied or designed by the customer. Bagged MgO is shipped by truck in North America while containers are transported to destinations around the world.